Exclusive interview of stripper Arquez. Don't miss him on sunday november 19th at Gibus Club in Paris.

Interview Christophe Demoulin

#BBB x #ARQUEZ x #Paris 11.19.17

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When and how did you start what you are doing? I ventured into adult entertainment in 2011 where I was approached by Flavaworks with an exclusive contract to do a solo scene with photos and it started there. 

Can you describe yourself ? I m from Atlanta GA, I consider myself as Afro-american even if I think I'm mixed. I am born on May 7 and my star sign is Taurus. 6.1ft - 1.86 m. Black, Brown eyes, 187 LBS, 85 Kilo, 36 Chest, 30 Waist, 34 Hips, 42 Shoes. I am versatile top and my dick is 9 inches long.

How many tattoos ? A lot at least more than 25.

Wha’s your favorite tattoo ? My chest piece if we can call it all one piece, it explains so much about me lol. It's a collage of the things I value. I have my moms name which was my first tattoo "rose" then I have 3 roses for each of my siblings. I have clouds considering everyone thinks I live in the clouds. A brass knuckle that  says "I'm a lover not a fighter but I'll fight for my love" and lastly my fav "the best part of waking up" tatted across the top.

You’ve been a pornstar for different studio? Exclusive model for Flavaworks, Dawgpoundusa and I branched off into my own The ArQuez Academy which is a member of The ArQuez Corporation Family of companies. 

What for you was he best scène you ever did in porn ?  Is none a option? Because I was not really into it that much.

What is your best memories doing this job ? I kinda just did my job and I went on to do other things. Yes I have an extremely high sex drive however picking to choose who you sleep with vs sleeping with someone that you more then likely wouldn't is too different things. I prefer to choose who I m having sex really.

Why did you stop doing porn ? Because it was something I choose to do, but it's so much other things I do as well since then I've opened 2 clothing boutiques, a fitness center, hosted events world wide, because a licensed mixologist and a certified personal trainer. 

Do you still consider yourself as a sex worker ? I've never considered myself a "sex worker"! I'm not even sure what that is or means…